Protect your finances: 10 reasons to buy gold
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Protect your finances: 10 reasons to buy gold
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People worry about personal security, because their lives and health depend on it, likewise the safety of their savings. In matters of financial security, people, however, often show carelessness hoping that banks and the state will do all the work for them. Such frivolity may come at a heavy price putting money, health and sometimes life at risk. Your financial security is linked with personal security, taking care of it is important task!


We assume that you, dear reader, like many others, work hard to make a living. However, irrepressible inflation constantly hits our pockets costing up to 10% of our annual earnings. Besides ever-rising prices and taxes, experts scare people with a new economic crisis of 2019. Will our hard-earned money fall victim to shortcomings of the financial system?


How to preserve your capital and protect it from the effects of harmful processes?


The answer is GOLD!

Gold helps you protect and preserve your savings. Personal gold reserve helps you deal with hard times and look forward to the future with greater confidence. Experts advise to store 5-10% of your total capital in gold.

Why gold?

1. Eternal value

Unlike money, gold does not depreciate. Even the most stable of currencies fall in price over time. However, it doesn’t affect gold that is free from political interference and beyond control of any financial authority. History proves that national currencies come and go, while gold remains.

2. A tool against inflation

Practice shows that when inflation begins to “devour” money, gold prices soar. Selling gold can compensate currency asset losses caused by inflation.

3. Real wealth

Gold is not something ephemeral, it is a tangible asset you really own. This is not a piece of paper and not just a number in an electronic database, the value of which is purely hypothetical. Speaking of gold, you can do as you please, not having to worry about whether it has gone along with the bank’s bankruptcy.

4. Global domination

Gold is an internationally recognized financial tool successfully traded anywhere in the world.

5. High liquidity

Gold can be turned into money quickly and easily if sold at a near-market price.

6. Increased demand

In contrast to dollar, gold cannot be printed in any quantities. Gold is mined, and its production has inexorably dropped in recent years. Reduction in the quantity of gold on the market only fuels its demand. Such a tendency is gaining momentum.

7. Disaster relief

At tough times, both governments and ordinary people have always resorted to gold as a lifeline. No matter what happens, be it war, natural cataclysm or economic crisis – gold, as opposed to money, stays relevant. On the contrary, fear and total despair, as a rule, enhances the credibility of gold.

8. Fortune in your pocket

Gold combines high value, portability and mobility. Several gold bars and coins worth thousands of dollars can easily fit in your pocket.

9. Decent retirement investment

The political and economic situation in the world is unstable. There is no guarantee that your state will be able to fulfill its pension obligations in the future. Having your own gold reserve gives you a great advantage later in life!

10. Great inheritance

Gold bars and coins are ideal for passing on to your relatives. Your descendants will undoubtedly benefit from acquiring such a valuable, timeless and highly liquid product.

In view of the foregoing, it can be concluded that gold remains an ideal tool for the preservation and protection of capital. The effectiveness and reliability of this unique metal stood the test of time. No wonder the central banks of all the leading countries of the world have gold reserves. It is necessary to follow their example, strengthening financial positions with the help of gold assets. As experience of generations shows, gold is the choice of wise and far-sighted people.




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Published: 05.03.2019
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This reasons and more... my choice is gold always!!! I love Global Intergold!!!
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Martha Reggiardo M
Cuanto es lo minimo que se puede invertir en un lingote
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Md Rijwan
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Gonzalo Edo
Tome hoy la decisión más importante de su vida...
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Alieu nying
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