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Global InterGold clients share their success stories.

The success story of Global InterGold - clients who showed their invaluable support and assistance in the development of the gold business. As the testimony to this fact, the results of the survey carried out by the analysts of the company clearly demonstrated the growth of the level of satisfaction of clients:

74% of survey participants are ready to recommend the company to a friend or colleague!

78% of respondents believe that employees of Global InterGold inspire confidence in them!

82% of clients believe that Global InterGold is thinking about the interests of its clients!

85% are proud that they are clients of the company!

The survey confirmed that our clients are not just reliable business partners. We are all part of one big family.

We are united with one goal: to achieve financial security, create a better world and improve the quality of life for our clients.

Together we turn bold ideas into reality, raising the level of universal well-being.

Clients of Global InterGold express their desire to use the acquired knowledge and skills in their business activities.

Let their stories inspire you and encourage you to act on the pathway to financial security!

Partnership with Global InterGold is a real opportunity to become richer and wiser.

"I started doing business with Global InterGold in 2015, and I've never looked back ever since. Do you know why? Because Global InterGold is one of the best companies I ever worked with. Our product is gold. People from five different continents are working with this precious metal. Global InterGold is a prime opportunity for you to build up and increase your own gold reserves too, so I invite you to come and join us."






Lee Plamann, Australia

Global InterGold conferences are global-scale events.

"The convention gave us clear prospects for future long-term growth. At the same time, it's worth pointing out the obvious that professionalism and solidity are significant parts of this company."

Massimo de Trizio, Italy

Global InterGold is about keeping motivation up.

"We have recently discovered Global InterGold as an ideal option to venture into network marketing with the help of just two things: an internet access and a smart phone. We have overcome our fears, which was not that easy. We got tired of being victimized by fear. If we returned back to our ordinary lives, we would never know how to expand and fulfill our potential. Now we have motivation to achieve our goals with Global InterGold. This is so important! You won't ever lose sight of the goals if you have the right motivation in life."





Nadia Sorrentino, Italy





Giovanna Rosatto, Italy   

     Realization of intentions and fulfillment of desires are possible with Global InterGold.

"For me, collaboration, respect and creativity are crucial. A person has to be creative, having a narrow-minded worldview won't help, you must always innovate! Only you can master the ability to adapt to any changes. Every moment in life or the slightest detail is important if you want your dreams to come true. Just do it."





Rafael, Panama​




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Created: 07.03.2018
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Global InterGold: five events that changed the quality of our clients’ lives
Global InterGold: five events that changed the quality of our clients’ lives
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Global InterGold in India: the office opening in March!
Global InterGold in India: the office opening in March!
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