Review of the GIG conference in the capital of Peru
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Review of the GIG conference in the capital of Peru

In February 2016, the Global Tour embraced Latin America. The third stop was an event in Lima!

Global GlobalGold clients from all over Latin America and from abroad gathered in the capital of Peru called the "The City of the Kings". They met under the hospitable roof of the luxurious Westin Lima and Convention Center Hotel at the coastline.

The event under the slogan "Leadership Development" has become an important stage in the development of the gold business in the region. The clients were able to personally get acquainted with the company's management, communicate with colleagues from different countries, and learn reliable information about the plans and future innovations of the company.

The most worthy businessmen were invited to the stage to speak and share the secrets of success, as well as to receive well-deserved awards from the Director of Development.

Apart from the official part, the participants enjoyed the performances of dancers, recorded interviews and had fun at a Gala Dinner.


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Published: 04.10.2017
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