Right thoughts are the key to success
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Right thoughts are the key to success
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Do you know the ancient legend of the wealthy and generous citizen of Mesopotamia, who saved his fortune and helped other people get rich? We tell a cautionary parable about the clever Arcas.


Babylonian "remedy" of poverty

King Sargon ruled the city of Babylon. When he returned from the war with his army, the ruler saw that everyone lived in poverty, misery and hunger prevailed. To the king's question, why did this happen, the advisers answered: "The people simply do not know how to properly preserve their wealth." The king countered: "Why aren’t people taught how to accumulate savings? It is necessary to give people such a knowledge, so that all could get rich. Find a proper teacher!"

One noble citizen of Babylon came to adviser's mind. The king called Arcas and asked him how he managed to become the richest man in the city without losing a thing. Arcas answered that a strong desire and knowledge are more than enough, he would gladly pass that knowledge on.

A week later, hundreds of citizens gathered in the royal palace at the behest of the ruler. Arcas began his speech: "I really wanted to get rich and looked with disgust at my empty wallet. I began to look for effective ways that "heal" poverty and help to become rich. And I have found the "remedy" that helps to achieve this goal. "


The advice of the far-sighted Arcas was as follows:

1. Keep track of your expenses. Save one coin out of ten coins for later. Put a tenth of your profits aside, accumulate savings.

2. Put available funds into circulation, so that they could bring you profit. Use your wealth correctly. Avoid big risks.

3. Make reasonable investments. Look for partners you can trust. Reliability is the key to success!

Even after thousands of years, valuable teachings of Arcas have not lost their relevance. Why don’t people get rich?


Modern technologies

The greatest goals and ideas will be useless if you do not know the ways how to achieve them. If you do not have the necessary knowledge and technology to ensure financial effectiveness, then you don’t understand how to improve personal well-being.


We have developed smart and effective solutions to help you:

- distribute your funds rationally

- be reasonably thrifty

- preserve and accumulate your capital


Our goal is our clients’ achievement of Financial Security — a statI e of stability and security, in which no economic threats can cause them material damage. This is a protection of personal rights and vital interests of people, the foundation of their comfortable and proper life.

President Dmitriy Aksyonov:

Financial Security is the philosophy and goal of Global InterGold, which allows us to take care of the quality of life of our clients, so that our clients can live comfortably and happily.

We succeeded in creating an innovative business of a new generation, in which the main value is a human. Global InterGold united a team of like-minded people who are striving to achieve a common goal: the achievement of Financial Security. Working in a group of people who are passionate about the common idea, one can attain wealth and prosperity much faster.


The pathway to success and independence

For its clients, the international team of Global InterGold has paved a direct way to reach the state of Financial Security. Together we make plans, realize plans and bring the future closer for us and our clients.

We are ready to share with you our knowledge and experience aimed at increasing financial effectiveness.

We have effective tools for running a successful business. By using them correctly, you can reach great heights.


Create your future with Global InterGold!



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Published: 26.09.2018
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