Safety tips for the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop clients
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Safety tips for the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop clients
Global InterGold

Dear clients, 

In the era of communication technologies, it is compulsory to take precautionary measures to protect your data.

The use of computers and multimedia devices (such as smartphones) can lead to information and data leakage that may end up in the wrong hands.


Here is a list of safety tips for your data:


  1. Install a reliable antivirus software on your computer.

    It is necessary to protect personal data against unlawful and unauthorized access to your computer.

  1. Accept files from reliable sources only.

    Do not open documents sent by unknown users or websites via email, Skype or social networks.

  2. Create a strong password and do not tell anyone.

    Do not give anyone access to your back office. Also, do not use the same Login and password of the Online Gold Shop for other resources.

  1. Be careful when following links received from other people.

    Unreliable links from unknown users can either contain viruses or collect information from your computer or multimedia device.

  1. Control the information which you publish on the Internet.

    Remember that in the global net any information can be saved and used by other users of the Internet.

  2. Read user agreements of the applications and programs you use.

The programs and applications you use on your computers, smartphone or other multimedia devices often request your personal information or even access to your contact list and other personal data.


We care about the safety of our clients and their accounts, therefore, we recommend you to take all precautionary measures for you not to have problems with your personal data.

We wish you a productive and successful work,

Global InterGold Online Gold Shop Administration


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Published: 05.08.2015
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