Sail towards success onboard the Grand Summer Voyage 2016
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Sail towards success onboard the Grand Summer Voyage 2016
Global InterGold

The Grand Summer Voyage 2016 will leave the port of Barcelona with the 25 winners of the Global InterGold competition who will embark in the adventure of their lives!

Seven days full of excitement and adventure for those who step into action in their business every day! The most persevering and committed customers will see their dream fulfilled this very summer.

Everything there is to know about the Grand Summer Voyage 2016 Competition.

A life-changing experience.

It will be a well-deserved prize after a tight competition; a chance to create bonds of friendship among other successful Global InterGold customers, have lively conversations about the gold business with customers and the company management, etc.

This will be a unique opportunity to strengthen your business and start aiming for higher levels – and higher awards!

How to be among the successful Global InterGold customers who will enjoy this unique moments? There are very simple rules to fulfill if you aspire to win this outstanding prize! Read them!

Why did Global InterGold choose the Harmony of the Seas?

This brand-new ship is a floating 5-star hotel with every luxury provided that suits all personal preferences making it practically impossible to choose!

This iron giant will sail the seas while you enjoy luxurious and stress-free vacation days in the company of successful people from all over the world.

Learn about the Harmony of the Seas in figures.

Become the captain of your journey

All the technical information is there but... what would it feel like to be onboard? What activities can you find on board that will compensate your efforts in the competition?

You can go to the deck and enjoy the Mediterranean sun while swimming in the pool. If you don't fancy sunbathing or enjoying the aquapark, you can unwind in the restaurant and bar area where music pours out of every place!

Let your gaze sweep over the fantastic view from the stern of the ship! You will enjoy breathtaking views of the sea and the ports of call: Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Florence, Pisa and Naples. These beautiful cities, always a magnet for tourism, will reveal their hidden treasures to the winners of the competition.

Check out the video and start visualizing your summer.

Don't miss the boat!

Keep developing your business with perseverance because

a Golden Summer awaits you!

Who is in the podium of the Grand Summer Voyage 2016 Competition? Find yourself in the classification.

Go on, what are you waiting for?

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Published: 24.03.2016
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