Soichiro Honda: Achieve the set goals!
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Soichiro Honda: Achieve the set goals!
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Not all people are born with an equal status, but everyone has the opportunity to make their lives better. Significant achievements can only be achieved through overcoming difficulties. The main thing is to believe in success and follow your dream.

Find out why persistent and hardworking people find it easier to embark on the right pathway in life, to realize their plans and achieve the set goals.

We tell the story of Soichiro Honda’s success — a Japanese entrepreneur, a self-taught mechanic, the founder of the famous Honda Motor Corporation.

Get inspired by the example of a man who set high standards and confidently went for victory.


Hard work and ambitions are important

Soichiro Honda grew up in a small town in the family of a poor village blacksmith. Honda was drawn to plumbing since childhood. He liked to tinker around with cars.

At the age of 15 he left his parents' home and moved to Tokyo, where he got a job in a car repair shop. From the beginning, he cleaned the premises, but the owner of the workshop saw in the young man the talent of an auto mechanic. Honda got the opportunity to do the favorite thing — to repair cars.

He showed great industriousness and was remarkably successful in his work. A few years later, the young specialist was entrusted with the work to create a race car. While working on the machine, the young man patented his first invention. He came up with the idea to replace the wooden spokes of the wheels with metal ones. Soichiro Honda was 22 years old then.

In total, he became the author of 150 patented inventions for the modernization of cars.


Pursuing the goal leads to victory

After a while he returned to his hometown and founded a branch of his Tokyo employer. Honda worked tirelessly on his technical inventions. Colleagues used to laugh at him, thinking that one should not invent something new, otherwise one could go broke.

But Honda dreamed of owning a business. He wanted to improve his level of life, strived for success and financial well-being. The mockery of colleagues did not break Soichiro. He continued to work hard and invented his first moped. The inventor attached a small low-powered gasoline engine to an ordinary bicycle. Mopeds by Honda began to be in great demand quite soon. Such an inexpensive moped model met the requirements of thousands of people who could not afford to buy a car.

In the photo: the first moped invented by Soichiro Honda in 1947.

In 1948, Honda founded Honda Motor Corporation. In the 1960s, the entrepreneur launched the production of Honda cars, which are very popular around the world. His company became famous.

If Honda listened to colleagues who did not believe in his strength, his business would hardly have reached such heights. Yet he was not satisfied with a modest income. Soichiro Honda sought independence and success. He continued to pursue his goal with determination. Honda was able to create a company that produces 75% of all motorcycles in the world and is among the top five car manufacturers.


A formula of Soichiro Honda’s success:

"Success comes only through repeated failures and introspection. 99 defeats give one victory!"


Goal-oriented people always find the right pathway!

The story of Soichiro Honda, who achieved enormous heights in business, speaks of the importance of pursuing set goals. By unceasingly focusing on self-development, you can achieve what you want. Honda wanted to become a rich and independent individual and used all the internal resources to realize his plans.

But the greatest goals and ideas will be unachievable and useless if there are no exact tools and ways to achieve them.

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Published: 08.08.2018
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