Target audience: How to know your prospects better?
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Target audience: How to know your prospects better?
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Everyone needs this business opportunity, but we are all different! Do you want to invite more people? Then, you need to get to know your target audience better!

Read on and learn how to get to know your potential clients.

What is target audience?

A particular group of people sharing similar characteristics to whom you sell or promote your product and/or services.

Why should you know your target audience?

The target audience will determine what you say and how you behave in your business presentations. If you do not know your target audience, you risk spending too much time on people who might not start the business with you at all.

Some business people may consider that all of the following groups can be a target audience:

  • Everyone

  • People 18 - 65 years old

  • Ambitious and persevering people

  • Students of the Faculty of Economics

  • Unemployed parents

However, only the last two fit because they are more specific.

So, thinking that network marketing is suitable for everyone is not a mistake. It is a mistake though, to promote your business with the same presentation.

For example:

Let us say you make the same business presentation to a student and a young mother. What do they have in common? Probably nothing. One of them may like the offer, but not both.

If, instead, you adapt the business presentation to each of them, both may be interested.

You can tell the student: “You will not have to accept a low-paid job after graduating, and you will gain a lot of experience.” On the other hand, you can tell the young mother that she can work from home and provide a good future for her children.

Remember that each target group has its own fears, needs and desires.

How to differentiate between target audiences?

There are three effective techniques:

  1. People like you

Let us say you are a freelance photographer. You did not make too much money and decided to start your own business to make a living, or even better, to have financial independence.

Find people with your same problem. If you share your story with them, they will identify with you and will realize they can run the business and solve their problems, just as you did.

  1. People you like and with whom you get along

For example: you want to help young mothers out. Write down a list of their main problems and needs to know how to approach them better.

There are forums, groups and communities all over the Internet where you can find all kinds of target audiences.

  1. People with good income interested in the product

One of the most attractive aspects of the business is the product itself: gold is very prestigious and differs from the typical network marketing products such as food and cosmetics. This could arouse the interest of people who might have a good job, but still want to improve their living standard.


Choose your target audience according to the following features:

  • Gender

  • Age (not more than 5-year difference in between: 20-25, 25-30, 35-40 years old, etc.)

  • Marital status

  • Children

  • Place of residence (city, country)

  • Employment (office work, freelance, flexible working hours, etc.)

  • Level of income

  • Problems (mortgage, loans, heath issues, etc.)

  • Dreams, goals

The last two points are called "hot spots" and they will help you attract potential clients more effectively.

Knowing your prospects well is key to persuading them! Moreover, you can focus on one target audience at a time. Keep mastering your skills and you will win everyone's hearts!

Do you want your team members to learn and develop faster?

Share this useful material with them!

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Published: 02.06.2017
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Darlene McKenzie
Darlene McKenzie
I found this article very insightful.
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Evgeniy Kravtsov id 470977026
Благодарю, это очень полезно!
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