Thailand hosted a gold conference worth remembering!
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Thailand hosted a gold conference worth remembering!
Global InterGold

Many people consider Thailand as a heavenly place to go on vacation and have a good rest. But Thailand has also a huge business potential, that combined with Global InterGold's opportunity, makes people earn thousands of euros per month!

Korat is known for being a very progressive city. That's why it was an ideal location to hold this successful business event!

The event was organized by Global InterGold's Thai customers and Niels Pedersen.

The attendees, who came from Malaysia, the Philippines, Norway, and Sweden, shared their achievements, success stories, and discussed the country's future. All of them highlighted the benefits of working with the company’s prestigious product and marketing program. Traveling, making new friends, and living a full life were just a few among them!

The most memorable speech was that of the 3rd level leader Metta Theerakhanon, GIG's first client in Thailand. Theerakhanon declared that she: “brought the gold business to this country", and we are sure that hundreds of fellow countrymen of hers are grateful for it!

For its part, Global InterGold's management announced the company's news and development plans, and of course, gave awards to the most committed customers for their inspiring achievements.

Asia is the central focus of the company's Global Tour 2017: the Asian Golden Year has just begun! Keep abreast of what is still to come!

Do not miss either the most exciting event of the season: the Global Assembly 2017 is waiting for you in Kuala Lumpur!

Make history! Register here right now!

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Published: 02.02.2017
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