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Guideline XXIII of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristippus states:

Be able to think rationally and only in terms of facts and figures.

Consistency means a clear understanding of one’s actions: what you are doing and for what purpose. It is a rational approach to the accomplishment of tasks.

Rationality is very important in decision-making, problem solving and conflict prevention. In the process of the achievement of goals, logical thinking implies control over the situation, an independent and balanced assessment of what is happening.

To be consistent means to have  concrete plan, to follow a sequence of actions, to use precise terminology and justify your statements.

A consistent thinking lies in the ability to remember all the details while working on the whole and vice versa: remember the whole while working on the constituent parts.

Logic is the anatomy of thought.

John Locke,
English philosopher and teacher


Let us take a life example.

Consistency is the ability to analyze cause-and-effect relationships and see logical patterns.

We tell an educational parable about logic and being savvy, the moral of which — everyone has their own logic.

A poor lumberjack chopped a big tree over the river and accidentally dropped his only axe into the water. He cried with regret over the lost axe, but suddenly the Lord appeared in front of him and asked sympathetically:

— Why are you crying?

— I'm crying because I dropped my work axe in the river, and I do not have another one. How can I make a living and support my family now?!

The Lord took pity on the man. He took the golden axe from the river and handed it to the lumberjack:

— Is this your axe?

— No, it's not mine.

The Lord took from the river another axe, a silver one:

— Perhaps this is your axe?

The lumberjack replied:

— No, this one is not mine either.

Then the Lord took an ordinary iron axe from the water:

— And what about this one?

The man exclaimed joyfully:

— Yes, this is my axe!

The Lord said to the lumberjack:

— You're an honest man! Take three axes as a reward from me.

The man began to live in prosperity. However, one day his wife fell into the river when she was washing clothes. She was swept away in a fast-flowing stream. The lumberjack cried bitter tears. The Lord appeared again:

— What’s your grief?

— Lord, I'm crying because my wife fell into the river.

Then the Lord took the most beautiful woman in the world out of the water and asked:

— Is it your wife?

And the lumberjack happily replied:

— Yes, this is my wife!

The Lord got angry:

— Why did you lie to me?  Your words are full of lies!

The man answered judiciously:

— Lord, I already understood your logic. If I said that this was not my wife, you would get me another beautiful woman from the river. I would object again that she was not my wife. Then you would get my real wife, and I would confirm that she was my wife. Then you would generously give me all three of them. But what would I do with them? I could not feed them all, and all four of us would be unhappy.

Consistency is a valuable personality trait through which the ability to think sensibly and rationally arises, as well as the ability to draw valid conclusions and act in a consistent manner. 

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Be able to think rationally and only in terms of facts and figures.

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Published: 14.08.2018
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