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Guideline XII of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristippus states:

Be able to create new ideas and effectively fulfill them in your life.

Creativity is the artistic side of personality, the ability to invent something new. Creative thinking is the ability to think about familiar things in a new way.

Creative people can adapt to any situation and apply a non-standard approach to problem solving. Such a person accumulates new ideas faster than others and applies non-conventional methods to achieve goals.

The creative component in business relations favorably affects business, helps to resolve disputes or conflict situations and reach an agreement more quickly.

Let us take a life example

In order to better understand the concepts of "creativity" and "creative thinking", let's talk about one particular study conducted in the US. Two people were required to create a short story based on the picture, in which a thoughtful man who was sitting in an airplane chair was depicted.

The first person’s story: "Mr. Smith finished his business and now flies home to his family. He thinks about his loved ones, anticipating their meeting. He already imagined how the plane landed and how he was met by his wife and three children at the airport. Together they drove home."

The story of the second person: "A man is flying from Mexico, where he just divorced his wife. He said to the judge: "I could not stand this anymore. My wife put on such a huge amount of night cream that while she was dreaming her head slipped on the pillow and constantly beat against mine. " Now this man is on the plane, he thinks of inventing a face cream with anti-slip properties."

In the first case, we see a logical way of thinking. The story of the first person lacks creativity, is not filled with interesting and unusual details.

The second narrator has a highly developed artistic capability, or creativity. Both creative thinking and creative component allow him to think outside-the-box, apply an unconventional approach to the tasks, create vivid and interesting images.

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Be able to create new ideas and effectively fulfill them in your life.

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Published: 28.05.2018
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