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Guideline XVI of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristippus states:

Be able to work long and hard to achieve results.


Diligence is one of the divine virtues, which is characterized by zeal, assiduousness and person’s efficiency, one’s desire to reach the intended goals.

Diligence refers to a person's belief that work is good by definition. Everyone needs to make efforts to implement their own plans and ideas, be aimed at success and high results.

Success and prosperity of the business is the result of hard work.


Let us take a life example.

Meng Fei, a 24-year-old citizen of China, sets an incredible example diligence in the performance of his work duties. He worked so hard that he became famous due to his meticulous approach to work.

Meng was born in a dysfunctional family. He was raised as a studious and diligent boy, but at the age of 15, because of his father's cruel treatment, he run away from home. For several years, Meng Fei lived at a monastery in Shaolin, then served in the army, then decided to try his hand at playing basketball, which he dreamed of since childhood.

Because of the short stature, the young man could not become a professional player and started working as... a cleaner on the basketball court. For cleaning after the game, Fay gets only $20, but he works with utmost diligence. He washes the basketball court so carefully that he even received the nickname "brother, who wipes the floor" from local reporters.

In the photo:  Meng Fei at work.

Fei is now famous, but he continues to work as a cleaner. Fame is good for him — NBA bosses have already paid attention to a conscientious employee. Now Meng Fei is leaning English and is waiting for an invitation to a new high-paying job.

Meng is never lazy, he performs his duties diligently. The guy gives himself completely to his work. If he did not like to work hard, he would never become famous.

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Be able to work long and hard to achieve results.

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Published: 26.06.2018
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