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Guideline XXII of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristippus states:

Adhere to existing ceremonies and respect the traditions of your group.

Customs and ceremonies represent an important part of any group’s culture.

Traditions that society dictates can include requirements for one’s appearance, speech, behavior, way of expressing thoughts. A person needs to comply with existing rules in order to act and communicate effectively within a social group.

Non-compliance with these norms will lead to the loss of trust between the person and his/her surroundings. One cannot communicate and act effectively in such a group in the future.

Loyalty of a person is manifested through the open demonstration of one's benevolent attitude towards people, the willingness to provide support and to sacrifice something for the common good.

Let us take a life example.

We tell an old parable about human loyalty.

In the ancient city of Bukhara, one teacher had many followers and disciples. The philosopher's reputation was flawless, and his fame spread far and wide beyond the city limits.

One day he talked with the ruler of the city and noted that people do not respect the government and laws, and people do not seek to do good deeds.

The governor of the city replied that hypocrisy and duplicity are constant attributes of many people. However, such an enlightened teacher with a good name, fame and thousands of followers must have been surrounded only by sincere and devoted people. The philosopher objected that among people who follow his teaching, no more than one person and a half can stand up for him if necessary.

The ruler decided to test the validity of such a statement and ordered to arrest the teacher. He was sentenced to public execution for blasphemy and was led through the city streets. When the crowd found out about the execution of the teacher, none of his followers stood up for him. Everyone kept silent. Only one man ran to the guard and shouted: "The teacher is innocent." Then another man got in the way of the guards and said: "This man only repeated my words just to refute them. Arrest me! I am guilty!"

By the end of the day, the ruler of the city and the teacher met and discussed what had happened. The teacher said: "Everything was as I said. Only one and a half. The first person who shouted that he was innocent was a half, while the second one who offered to exchange his life for mine was a whole person." 

A loyal person is honest in intentions and openly demonstrates his/her benevolent attitude towards others. Loyalty is a willingness to help other people and accept them as they are.

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Guideline XXII — "LOYALTY"

Adhere to existing ceremonies and respect the traditions of your group.

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Published: 07.08.2018
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