The clients of Global InterGold had the time of their lives on board the luxurious River Lounge boat!
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The clients of Global InterGold had the time of their lives on board the luxurious River Lounge boat!
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The ceremonial launch of the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop ended up with a festive dinner.

The Global InterGold Online Gold Shop renders its clients contemporary conditions for the purchase and selling of gold bars with additional income-generating opportunities. These opportunities are picking up steam and becoming popular among all those who are not afraid to take the lead in their life and make the most of market's opportunities.

The ceremonial launch of the Online Gold Shop held in Saint Peterburg on June 20 was followed by a festive dinner, to which guests were invited, on board of one of the most luxurious boat restaurants, the River Lounge.

Surprises for the guests of the event

Being on the board of this splendid boat, the clients could taste the most exquisite plates that emerged from the boat's floor in an awe-inspiring platform, while also enjoying the city landscape. All this accompanied with the musical notes of a saxophone which sounded along the Neva River. And the surprises were not over!

After the meal, right on the roof of the boat, one of the best Djs in the city picked up the baton up from the saxophonist and made every conference participant dance. When the boat docked the clients, full of expectation, prepared to presence an exotic spectacle of juggling tricks and fire which amazed them all and made them burst into applause.

After the fire show, the guests returned to the boat full of joy and energy to continue the celebration with delicious desserts, courtesy of the chef, together with tea and coffee.

What is going to happen in the future?

The launch of the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop was the first step of a succession of events. This launch and the improved approach to trade of physical gold bars have been possibile thanks to the longstanding experience in the gold market, exhaustive researches, and the use of cutting-edge technologies.

The solid basis of the Online Gold Shop will lead clients all over the world to a wealthy future!


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Read the review about the official part of the event:

The ceremonial launch of the new Global InterGold Online Gold Shop has been a success


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Published: 30.06.2015
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