The finest moments of the Leaders Gala Dinner and the Awards Ceremony
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The finest moments of the Leaders Gala Dinner and the Awards Ceremony
Global InterGold

“The Global Convention 2016 was a wonderful conference that gathered the best people!”

Lyudmila Lonshakova, Global InterGold client

Have a look at these pictures from the Awards Ceremony and the Leaders Gala Dinner of the Global Convention 2016 and enjoy their finest moments!

A beautiful perspective of the awards given away by Costas Polemitis, the Vice President of Global InterGold.

Here we have Gyorgy Fuzesi, the Director of Development for Global InterGold.

The audience seems to definitely enjoy what he is saying!

And the time came for the winners go onstage and receive their awards!

The Awards Ceremony was followed by the Leaders Gala Dinner for VIP guests.

Have a closer look at the menu of the Leaders Gala Dinner: octopus and potatoes salad, veal escalope, crepes, and pasta accompanied by exquisite wine!

Clients had a great time together! Look at this picture! Don't they look like a very close family?

Jazzy Laura Flannegan Quintet played exclusively for Global InterGold clients!

Here we present you with one of the highlights of the event: the Vice President and two clients cutting the gold bar-shaped cake!

We feel quite nostalgic when looking at these pictures... don't you?

See the rest of the pictures taken at the Global Convention 2016 and do not miss the next event!

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Published: 02.11.2016
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