The Global InterGold company has established the new “Grand Leader” status!
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The Global InterGold company has established the new “Grand Leader” status!
Global InterGold

The Global Assembly 2016 will be a historic event for the Global InterGold company to take place in the capital of the world, Rome, Italy. 

The Global InterGold management will grant 10 leaders with the title of “Grand Leader”. Among other privileges, the 10 Grand Leaders will be invited on stage to deliver an address that will make them an international name in the gold world. The 10 Grand Leaders will be chosen upon their accomplishments in gold business.

What are the qualities to be named Grand Leader?

To attend the Global Assembly 2016 with the title of Grand Leader, you have to outstand in the following:

1) Statistics and business development

Number of direct referrals and growth rate of the structure. A high activity on the official social networks and focusing both on local and international markets.

2) Organization of events

The number and scale of events organized or coorganized.

3) Public speeches

Public speaking skills including eloquence, persuasiveness, and ability to motivate people. It will also be taken into account how often leaders deliver an address to a large audience.

4) Participation in Global InterGold events

The level of commitment in the company's events including promotion, attendance rate and encouraging people to participate.

These points are basic. Grand Leaders do not necessarily have to stand out in the four points; they can have normal results in one or two points, though outstanding ones in the remaining.

What does the “Grand Leader” title mean for the company's customers?

The honorary title of “Grand Leader” is only bestowed on those who achieve great success in the gold business. This status entails a world of privileges on the part of the Global InterGold company such as assistance and loyalty in the development of the business.

The 10 Grand Leaders will be distinguished by their high results, great accomplishments, an immeasurable contribution to the common prosperity, and assistance to other customers 

The 10 Grand Leaders will enjoy:

  • Paid trip to the venue of the event;

  • Paid accommodation in a prestigious hotel in Rome;

  • Free ticket to the Global Assembly 2016;

  • The chance to deliver an address at the event.

The main event of the year will take place

On April 30 – May 1.

Give the best of yourself

and become a Grand Leader!

The 10 Grand Leaders will be noted for their perseverance, ambition when developing the gold business and commitment to the Global InterGold company. 

The company highly appreciates those who become an example of success and seeks to offer them everything necessary to drive their business forward.

You have a unique opportunity to stand out!

We believe in you!

Spread the word of the Global Assembly 2016 by sharing this excellent piece of news! Support your leaders to receive this honorary title!

Tickets to the Global Assembly are available in presale in your backoffice only. Buying tickets at the event venue is not possible.

The number of tickets is limited.

[Buy a ticket now]

At the Global Assembly 2016, there will be named 10 candidates among the participants to receive the title of “Grand Leader”​

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Published: 04.03.2016
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