The Global InterGold management has created the titles “Grand Leader” and “Global Leader”
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The Global InterGold management has created the titles “Grand Leader” and “Global Leader”
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This title recognizes outstanding merit in the gold business by Global InterGold customers and affords a special series of privileges including support and assistance in conducting the business.

To be eligible for the prestigious title of Grand Leader, customers must fulfill the following requirements:

1) Statistics and business development

Attain a quota of the highest numbers of direct referrals as well as the expansion of existing structures and the creation of new structures.

2) Event Organization

Events are essential in the promotion of both the company and its product. The quantity of conferences, seminars, presentations, etc. held is as important as the number of attendees.

3) Public speeches

One of the main duties of a leader is to provide reliable information to a wide audience through public speaking. High-quality speeches are a key contributing factor to overall customer education as well as business development.

4) Participation in Global InterGold events

Direct access to reliable information is one of the many advantages of attending Global InterGold events and allows for leaders to share official information with their teams. Leaders contribute immensely to the gold business in participating in the company's social activities such as presentations and conferences worldwide as well as in inviting customers from their teams to share in these events.


Global Leader status is an exceptional award bestowed upon Global InterGold leaders at the sole discretion of the company management for having achieved outstanding results in their leadership careers, making an exceptional contribution to the business through educating other customers and exemplifying strong leadership.

The Global Leader title is the company’s highest honor and is accompanied by an award of particular distinction: an 18-carat Gold Rolex Watch with a unique personal engraving.

Leadership Awards and the titles of Global Leader and Grand Leader are granted as a show of gratitude for working with and helping other Global InterGold customers to move towards success.​

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Published: 11.03.2016
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