The “Global Meeting” took place in Guadalajara!
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The “Global Meeting” took place in Guadalajara!
Global InterGold

During November 12th-13th, the grand InterContinental Presidente in Guadalajara, Mexico hosted a Global InterGold's conference called “Encuentro Global” (“Global Meeting”).

The event proved that people in Latin America know how to conduct the business! Friendship, mutual support, and teamwork allow more and more Latinos to change lives and earn with gold.

«This business is not only about gold and money. It is about friendship!”

Ostap Pechenyi, a speaker in the conference

The attendees of the conference witnessed the speeches of:

  • The motivational speaker, Omar Villalobos

  • The Global Leaders Oleg Ulyanov and Ostap Pechenyi

  • The Grand Leaders Antonio Garduño, Luzero Blasquez, Carmen Rosa Ramirez, and Octavio Corona Huitron

  • Hanna Garduño and Victor Habbat, Miss and Mister Global InterGold

  • The company’s leaders from Latin America Lucia Torres, Humberto Olvera, Carlos Gartner, Enrique Montero, Rebecca Marin, Gilberto Franco, and Jocan Gonzalez

  • The Director for Development for Global InterGold, Gyorgy Fuzesi

This event was a strong impetus for the development of the business throughout Latin America!

Follow the updates on Global Events and do not miss the next event in your region!

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Published: 14.11.2016
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