The global trend: the progress makes people jobless
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The global trend: the progress makes people jobless
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The world does not stand still, it develops at a rapid pace. Technological progress enters all areas of life, meanwhile people are getting replaced due to automation. Adapting to ever-changing environment without losing a source of income is a challenge that everyone faces.


People are no longer needed

The rise of technology has led to the disappearance of many professions. Today, such occupations as draftsmen, weavers or switchboard operators have become more or less archaic. They were replaced by innovative programs and smart devices.

In the near future, the same fate awaits hundreds of different occupations. A study conducted by McKinsey & Co showed that nearly 800 million people will lose their jobs due to a complete automation by 2030.

Experts believe that drivers, accountants, security guards, cashiers, postmen, secretaries and many other professions will no longer be needed.

In the 21st century, no one is immune from the fact that tomorrow one’s skills and knowledge may be of no use. We'll have to get a new education, even though it can be a heavy financial burden if you are jobless. Moreover, there’s no guarantee that the new profession won’t become obsolete just as quickly as the previous one, right?


There’s a way out

Running your own business based on a product that remains valuable and always in demand might help you avoid the risks.

A business that does not require large and risky investments.

A business that is not affected by negative economic factors.

A business that can be run remotely at any time.

A global business that is not tied to a specific city or country.

A business that will provide a steady income even during a crisis.


Why gold is the best choice

Global InterGold has been specializing in gold for nine years. We consider gold to be the most reliable and profitable asset.

At all times, people have achieved success and the highest quality of life courtesy of gold. In times of need, the noble metal rescued both individuals and entire nations.

Over the past century, thousands of national currencies have disappeared without a trace, while gold is going strong and continues to serve as a tool for the preservation and accumulation of wealth.

We offer everyone the opportunity, regardless of profession, education and income level, to start their own gold business. Thousands of people have already strengthened Financial Security with Global InterGold.




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Published: 18.04.2019
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