The gold business booms in the Philippines!
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The gold business booms in the Philippines!
Global InterGold

Why are Filipinos happy? Because they have the opportunity to achieve prosperity and carry out an interesting work thanks to Global InterGold!

What has the gold business brought to their lives?

Global InterGold's gold business is a great opportunity to choose where you really want to work and provide your family with financial stability.

By conducting a business of your own, you can achieve financial freedom, improve your status in society, and travel the whole world, among other advantages. And all the residents in the Philippines can run this business!

Conference in Cebu

On 11th - 12th February, 2017, a large-scale conference took place in Cebu City, the Philippines. The company's management and important leaders and clients from different countries attended the event, which turned out to be a great motivation to boost the business growth!

The management shared great news, while the leaders delivered inspirational speeches on the business. But there was much more: the most outstanding leaders were invited to climb the stage to get precious Leaders Awards. What a great acknowledgement of their job!

Legal and transparent business for everyone

Global InterGold has recently signed a mutual collaboration agreement with a local company, that is responsible for financial operations and the coordination of clients’ activities. Customer service has become faster and more convenient!

What do Filipinos say about gold and Global InterGold?

Find the answer in this video: 

Join the business and start earning thousands of euros!


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Published: 24.03.2017
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