The Grand Summer Voyage 2017 competition has finished!
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The Grand Summer Voyage 2017 competition has finished!
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Dear clients,

We would like to announce that the Grand Summer Voyage 2017 competition has come to an end. What awaits the winners?

Now that the 7-month long competition has concluded, we have 30 winners:

  • 10 clients from South and North America

  • 10 clients from Europe and Africa

  • 10 clients from Asia and Australia

They will set sail for a dreamy journey across the Mediterranean Sea this summer!

A one-of-a-kind adventure

The winners of this competition are cause of pride. They have promoted their gold businesses to incredible extents; this is why they will enjoy luxury vacations at the company's expense.

They will enjoy the sun, the sea, and entertainment for every taste – in other words, only success will be on board this luxury cruise ship.

More luxury over the seas

Each of the participants of the cruise will also have the chance to become the owner of a whole kilogram of gold during the trip: the 1 KG of Gold contest will take place there.

The company has incredible prizes to offer. Customers' dedication and commitment is always highly valuable.

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Published: 08.05.2017
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