The hottest competition for the main prize of next summer has started: Grand Summer Voyage 2016!
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The hottest competition for the main prize of next summer has started: Grand Summer Voyage 2016!
Global InterGold

We are happy to announce that since October 15 each of your achievements in the gold business development puts you one step closer to this incredible prize: The Grand Summer Voyage 2016 on board the luxurious and high class Harmony of the Seas of the Royal Caribbean fleet.

The most outstanding clients proclaimed winners!

A fascinating journey crossing the Mediterranean!

The largest ship in the world!

A unique opportunity to increase your income and win a journey to hot Summer with Global InterGold!

The main secret of success in the contest is the continuous, goal-focused work, self-development and a huge desire to help others achive success!

The main advantage of this contest is the fact that no one loses. If you have taken the decision to participate, then you have taken the decision to increase your profit and move forward in your business. At the same time, you have decided to give others the opportunity to improve their lives. You automatically become a winner in your own fight for financial wellbeing!

The contest ends in June 1, 2016. During the contest period, you have to become an example for your whole team as well as their main source of motivation and inspiration.

Do you want to go to the cruise with members of your team? Together you can reach great heights. Inspire your colleagues to pursue financial challenges and go on board the magnificent Harmony of the Seas together this Summer!

Determination, confidence and continuous progress are the main pillars to win the Summer Contest! The Summer Contest can be the driving force of your success!

Learn more details about Grand Summer Voyage 2016 and examine the rules:​

Don't think twice!

Become a winner!

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Published: 20.10.2015
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