The LFS virus in Iran: Salvation in Gold

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Half a century ago, Iran was a prosperous country in the Middle East. The economy developed with a rapid pace, nothing predicted the governmental rift and global reforms. However, the international isolation of Iran provoked the most difficult changes that led to a painful situation in the country.


Diagnosis: The crisis in Iran.

The national currency of Iran (rial) has given up its positions, the residents are seeking ways to protect themselves from the consequences of financial collapse. Prices increase by 20-30% daily. Experts believe that the impoverishment of the population has reached a critical mark.


Causes of the Iranian crisis:

1. The withdrawal of Washington from the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program.

2. Foreign states’ pressure and sanctions.

Iran oil and financial sanctions resulted in the LFS virus in Iran.


Symptoms of the Lack of Financial Security virus:

1. The fall of the Iranian currency – rial.

2. Rising prices, a 12.5% unemployment rate, an annual inflation rate surged to 203%.

3. Protests and demonstrations of the population.

4. Acts of speculation.


Poverty and protests

The country's population is enraged about the state's policy and protest against the weakening of the rial and the sharp rise of inflation. More and more people are taking part in the demonstrations. Residents are dissatisfied with the lack of drinking water, the consequences of the economic crisis, riots and aggressive actions of the police. Participants of the protests oppose the sharp price growth of first-aid goods.

The quality of life of the Iranians has lowered. The atmosphere in the country is heating up. At one of the protests, residents were trashing policemen, expressing their negative attitude to what was happening, while the law enforcement responded, firing tear gas at them.


All protests are the result of unresolved problems.

In recent years, the Iranians doubted their financial security so much, that the decline of the birth rate in the country is considered the fastest-falling one in the world by many experts.

In addition to the residents' dissatisfaction, there is a growing desire for change that would allow the country to pull itself out of the crisis. Hollow promises and political slogans have not led the state to the desired result. Furthermore, a wave of nation’s anger is expected. 

Consequences of sanctions: a severe crisis in Iran.


An act of speculation: Sultan of Coins

The state authorities are trying to neutralize business, which undermines the economy in the country. However, non-legal activities are flourishing, because gold coins are the only ones that are in demand in the impoverished state and have high value among the population.

A 58-year-old resident of Iran organized a profitable business: he bought cheap golden coins and stocked up 2 tons of gold. The illegal merchant had assistants who bought coins at any price. They managed to make a fortune in just 10 months. Crooks manipulated the foreign exchange market until they were detained by police.


Gold will save Iran

Devaluation, currency mix-ups and panic have plunged the population of Iran into the deepest depression. When people do not believe in a better future, they try to save what has been left. Most of the country's residents rushed to banks to exchange the remaining savings for gold.

The Central Bank of Iran prohibits citizens of the country from storing more than 10,000 euros in cash.

Prices for the precious metal coins and gold bars have tripled in Iran.

60 tons of gold — the weight of coins that the Iranian Central Bank has minted to somehow satisfy customers' demands. One of the popular coins of the bank is Emami, weighing 8,13 grams. The coin is worth 36 million rials ($857).

Gold coins are the only thing that Iranians believe in. According to those who want to protect themselves from the effects of the crisis, the yellow metal does not lose its value, and thus protects capital from depreciation.


Gold is the most reliable currency.

The first round of sanctions against Iran began on August 7, 2018, and the second round is expected to occur in November. The November round, as analysts of the stock market say, will be even more profound.

Gold rush overwhelms Iran. Citizens are trying to convert their savings into gold, fearing the currency collapse and higher living costs after the imposition of US sanctions.

Experts believe that the current situation is favorable for increasing the value of gold, and Iran will score the leading place in the precious yellow market.

As history shows, gold protects the population during periods of crises and local conflicts. In order to survive turbulent times and gain Financial Security for your family and yourself, buy investment gold bars.

Gold is the foundation of Financial Security



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Created: 23.08.2018
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