The LFS virus is spreading. How to get past unhappiness?
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The LFS virus is spreading. How to get past unhappiness?
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In 2017, the Gallup Institute, an American research-based company known for its public opinion polls, conducted an international survey on people's happiness. According to the data, the number of people experiencing constant anxiety and stress has increased globally.


Over the past ten years, the level of happiness has been declining rapidly.

The happiness index measures people’s level of satisfaction with their lives, welfare and environment on the whole. The GDP per capita serves as the main criterion for the calculation of index.

The index is directly related to Financial Security: a state of stability and security when no economic hazard can cause material damage. This is a guarantee of a comfortable life, as well as protection of personal rights and vital interests.


Geography of happiness

The happiest countries in the world are Nordic countries: Finland and Norway. Among the European countries, Denmark, Switzerland and the Netherlands are in the lead. Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Germany and the United States are also ranked high in the list of happy countries.

Mexico, El Salvador, Paraguay and Colombia follow behind in the ranking.

The happiness index of citizens of various countries.

Over the last decade, the growth of the happiness index has been noted in Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland.


The unhappiest countries

The results showed that citizens of African countries south of the Western Sahara, as well as the population of Syria, Yemen and Haiti consider themselves unhappy.

The Central African Republic (CAR) tops the list of the unhappiest countries in the world with the lowest negative experience index over the last decade. Due to internal military conflicts, tens of thousands of people were forced to leave their homes in search of a safer place to live.

76% of the CARs surveyed reported strong anxiety throughout the last 24 hours, admitting the lack of positive emotions in their lives; 45% of respondents feel angry and 48% experience prolonged stress.

Specialists of the Gallup Institute note that the population of different countries got more tense, worried and sad than ever before.

The photo shows Gallup data representing the negative experience index among world’s population. The negative experience refers to stress, anxiety, sadness, physical pain, anger.

Iraq ranked second in the negative experience list. Survey data shows that 60% of Iraq’s population feel unhappy.

Iraq is followed by South Sudan, Egypt and Iran in the anti-happiness ranking list.


Lack of Financial Security is the cause of unhappiness

Stress is often associated with the low quality of person's life, small income, high expenses, unpaid debts and loans, the inability to support a family.

People who experience shortage of money are at risk. If there is no financial stability in a person's life, then such a person is affected by the Lack of Financial Security virus.

The LFS virus has a detrimental effect on the quality of a person’s life and relatives, damages health, reputation and self-esteem, entails considerable material difficulties.

A person loses control over life:

- Does not know how to raise the material level of a family and improve personal well-being.

- Cannot rationally allocate resources.

- Does not possess valuable knowledge that helps preserve and accumulate savings.

If the symptoms of the LFS virus negatively affect your life, the first thing you should realize is that Financial Security is crucial to you.


Financial Security — the pathway from stress to confidence.

Do you want to let go fears and depression?

Do you dream of overcoming stress and uncertainty?



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Published: 07.11.2018
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