The marketing incentives program's tables have been renamed
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The marketing incentives program's tables have been renamed
Global InterGold

Dear clients,

Our research department works continuously in an effort to improve our marketing incentives program and promotional tools. At this time we are fine-tuning the GoldSet program names to make them clearer and more user-friendly.

There are three types of orders under the GoldSet program: GoldSet Standard, GoldSet Multicards and GoldSet Goldline. The latter two used accounting tables of the same names: Multicards and Goldline.

The GoldSet Standard order has 2 types of accounting tables. The Preliminary table, is known as Start table. This is designed to transition your order to the Main table of orders, formerly called 'Premiere'. From here going forward this table of orders will be referred to as the Standard table of orders.

These corrections have already been implemented on the official Global InterGold website.

Thank you for your kind attention and we wish you a productive working week!

The Global InterGold Administration.

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Published: 11.08.2015
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