The medal "Great Heart"
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The medal "Great Heart"
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Anything that’s important in life begins with help!

Parents help their children to make the first step. A teacher supports students.

We grow up thanks to the involvement and experience of other people. We help our colleagues and partners and show people the path of help and goodness.

Nothing is more important than support! Our team considers it an important tradition to keep on doing what has been started. So that in 2018 we can reward people for whom help has the same priority in life as for us.

We appreciate and are proud of those who are ready to help others!

Success begins with help!

We are certain that there is a person alongside you who once helped you believe in yourself, took care of you, helped you to make first steps on the pathway to Financial Security. And his/her sincere support gave you new strength and confidence, helped to direct you on the right path.

We believe that help should be rewarded!

It's time: You can help us pick the worthiest people!

GREATNESS is created by people with GREAT HEARTS!




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Published: 06.08.2018
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