The New Year celebration with Global InterGold in Saint Petersburg
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The New Year celebration with Global InterGold in Saint Petersburg
Global InterGold


What to expect?

On January 11-12, 2019, on the second day after the conference, a gala ball will be held in Saint Petersburg marking the New Year celebration. At the event gathering company’s top management and the Leaders, we will summarize the year work, announce our future plans and talk about the prospects of the gold business.


Why Saint Petersburg?

It was no accident that we chose the cultural capital of Russia as a place for the meeting. The city with a rich historical heritage and splendid architecture draws millions of visitors and tourists from all over the globe, ranking one of the most beautiful places in the world.

In January, Saint Petersburg becomes even more beautiful, turning into a real winter fairy tale. Colorful illumination, folk festivals and numerous street fairs create the atmosphere of celebration and fun allowing everyone to fully enjoy the winter beauty of the Northern Pearl of Russia!


What's in the program?

On January 11, a business conference will be held with the participation of our Leaders. The main highlights will be the speech of the President and the first persons of the company.

The second day, January 12, will be devoted to the celebration of the New Year! Guests of the magnificent ball will enjoy an exquisite dinner, warm friendly atmosphere, performances by artists and many other pleasant surprises.


Where will the event take place?

The business conference with the participation of the company management will be held at the comfortable five-star Astoria hotel.

The festive ball will take place at the premium-class hotel Four Seasons Lion Palace. The modern hotel, located near the main attractions of the city, is rightfully considered to be one of the best in Saint Petersburg.


Who will attend this important event?

The event will be attended by the President, management and the media group of the company, the Leaders, as well as VIP guests.


How to participate?

You can visit the two-day event, which includes the conference and the festive New Year's ball, only by a special invitation*.

* Invitations are provided by the Company Leaders. 

Tickets for the business conference at Hotel Astoria during the first day are available at the official page.




This festive ball will become an unforgetable source of joy

and inspiration for you!

Let's meet at St. Petersburg!


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Published: 30.11.2018
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Francis Kennedy Appiah
Francis Kennedy Appiah
I would like reach many people but I don't know much about the company so what should I do?My Up line can't be traced.Somebody has to help us to bring more people on board in Ghana and beyond
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