The Philippines are ready to conquer new peaks with Global InterGold!
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The Philippines are ready to conquer new peaks with Global InterGold!
Global InterGold

Another Global InterGold’s conference recently held in the Philippines was a remarkable success.

What was it so notable? And why those who attended it are gaining new heights in business?

A new rise of the gold business development in the Philippines

The conference in the City of Dipolog was a key event in terms of the development of the gold business in the Philippines. Its main objectives were to expand the client portfolio and to strengthen the motivation of existing customers.

Conducted by experienced leaders, educational seminars clearly and vividly represented the advantages of the company, business and product. Such inspiring master classes give newcomers an example to follow: they learn to make high-quality presentations and to convey the information about the gold business properly.

Confident clients – effective development

Participants were particularly pleased with the news on strengthening the company's position in the market. It was achieved through the opening of a partner company and a local bank account as well as obtaining additional local registration. The company is stronger than ever, which not only attracts new customers but also inspires experienced entrepreneurs to make a boost.

Linie Crawford and Vitaly Borovik, well-known Global InterGold leaders, enjoyed sincere gratitude for their assistance in training, conference planning and conduction, and active work with clients in the region.

What lies ahead?

Soon there will be an event that cannot be missed: the Global Convention 2017. Businessmen from all over the world will gather to reach out the company’s management, gain new knowledge and share their techniques on how to earn money.

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Published: 17.07.2017
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