The truth about the causes of poor quality of life
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The truth about the causes of poor quality of life
Global InterGold
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In the article "Global InterGold’s values" we talked about the need for values and goals to be coordinated.

What are human values?

Value is a certain principle or standard that has an important meaning for a person or group.

Values largely determine the behavior of a person.

Read on to know why the quality of life might be very low and why Global InterGold cares about improving the quality of life of its customers.

World level of unhappiness

Quality of Life Index is determined on the basis of 9 indicators analyzed: health, family life, social life, material condition, political stability, climate, unemployment, political freedom and equality of sex. All indicators are summarized and a rating of countries based on the quality of life is compiled.

In the 2017’s world rating, the first place is taken by Norway and the last one by Chad. The lowest level of quality of life among the countries occupying the last 10 rating lines: Haiti, Yemen, Syria, Guinea, Togo, Burundi, Afghanistan, Congo, Central African Republic and Chad.

The reason for the low quality of life in low standards

The quality of life of any person depends on the level of his life. If a person does not have the opportunity to satisfy his needs, his level of life is below average. Among other things, the standard of living is formed by our incomes.

Our material prosperity determines how we can meet personal needs. Indicators can change over time or under the influence of circumstances. A person can independently observe the dynamics of his development and draw conclusions that affect his quality of life. Depending on various factors, the standard of living may be reduced. This happens if money income is low and the person cannot provide for himself.

These indicators are also affected by poor health, lack of education, and other factors, which lead to low competitiveness in the market and high unemployment.

If a person tries to take his place in the market and improve his quality of life without basic tools, the result will be miserable.

Nothing will change. The person will keep living with a lack of opportunities and a limited choice.

The problem of a low standard of living can be solved only in a complex way.

You need to know how to improve the quality of life. This indicator also depends on the index of human development based on the degree of education and the duration of human life. It is that kind of indicator that makes it possible to identify significant problems that have to be solved in order to raise your standard of living to a higher level.

You will always get what you want.

If low level suits you and you do nothing to change the situation, you will get below the poverty line. The quality of your life can change if you alter the requirements for yourself. The change in standards leads to an increase in self-esteem and an enhancement of values. This is the initial start for positive dynamics.

Values allow you to change the movement of the arrow on your internal compass.

We plan to talk about our values in detail later on. In the next article, we will tell you why Global InterGold cares so much about the quality of life of its customers!

Do not miss the publication of the new article!

We are ready to help you in strengthening financial security.

Together, we will improve your quality of life and that of your environment.

Together with you, we want to create a better world.

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Published: 19.09.2017
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