Thousands of potential clients visit Global Events!
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Thousands of potential clients visit Global Events!
Global InterGold

The Global Events website is visited everyday by thousands of people who are not familiar with the gold business, which means…

… that you can invite them to join GIG!

Promoting your events worldwide is not the only advantage of this website. What else can you benefit from?

Creating events for people who are unfamiliar with GIG or the gold business.

Not everyone can immediately understand what everything is about when visiting the website. Advanced information can confuse them.

Help potential clients understand the gold business by giving them initial information and sharing your personal experience.

Find an example of an event description below:

Webinar: “How to start earning with gold”

Join and get to know:

  • What the gold business is about
  • Why does it have future in the 21st Century
  • How to start your own business with a minimal cash outlay
  • How to earn 7,000 EUR fast
  • Official information about the Global InterGold company


Do you already have an idea for a similar event? Make it happen here!

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Published: 02.12.2016
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