TOP problems in Nigeria & the ultimate solution
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TOP problems in Nigeria & the ultimate solution
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The economic and social problems in Nigeria are a difficult challenge to drive the national development and improve the living standard of the population.

What is stopping Nigeria from growing? What is the best solution for each Nigerian?

TOP economic and social problems in Nigeria

  1. Poverty

The majority of the population lives below the poverty line. In fact, over two decades (from 1991 to 2010) this figure has grown from 5% to 70%. Most people live on $1,25 - $2 a day.

  1. Corruption

Statistics show that some politicians earn in one year as much as an average employee does in 65 years. Failures in the justice system allow for high levels of corruption, including bribery and manipulation.

  1. Inequality

Nigeria is known as the giant of Africa for several reasons, including having the second largest economy in the continent and a wide range of natural resources. However, wealth and resources are unfairly distributed and consequently, the gap between rich and poor is constantly growing.

  1. Unemployment

The high rate of unemployment in rural areas forces people to move to the cities, or even cross the borders to seek work. However, the employment rate in the cities is not high enough.

  1. Illiteracy

The national illiteracy rate among women is 50%, and among men is 70%. People blame the government for the failures of the educational system. This problem translates into low chance sof getting a well paid job, thus hindering the country's growth.

All of these problems create a devastating picture for Nigeria. But every cloud has a silver lining. And in the case of Nigeria, it is Global InterGold's gold business.

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Published: 02.06.2017
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