Two Steps to Financial Security
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Two Steps to Financial Security
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For most people, employment is a primary source of income. It provides a person with the money necessary for a decent standard of living, giving a sense of financial stability – a state that helps us get through hard times without material losses.

Losing one’s job is always a high-risk situation. People who, for whatever reason, end up unemployed, try to find another job with an equivalent salary level or even a better paid occupation. However, the search may take some time. There’s a risk of becoming unemployed for prolonged periods with zero personal income.


Unemployment is a threat to Financial Security

In the modern world, where the economy is extremely unstable, no one is immune from unforeseen circumstances associated with sudden income constrains or low-earning periods. Even a temporary unemployment can become a global threat to the material well-being of a person, meaning the absence of a sustainable livelihood.

Unemployment causes enormous economic and social damages to entire nations. Incomes of the population are declining, the quality of life significantly reduces, people lose their former social status, becoming victims of circumstances, namely “financial troubles”.

According to the report by the International Labour Organization (ILO) for 2017, 192 million people were unemployed in the world.

The chart demonstrates long-term unemployment rates in various countries of the world according to the International Labour Organization for 2017. The age group: persons aged 15 years and over.


According to the European statistical agency Eurostat, the total number of unemployed people in the EU countries exceeded 16 million by the end of 2018. The highest unemployment rates among adults are in Spain and Greece. The lowest rates are in the Czech Republic, Germany and the Netherlands.

Young people under the age of 25 are hardest hit by unemployment. The unemployment rate among young citizens of the European Union accounts for 15% of the total number of unemployed youths. The highest rates in this category are in Greece, Spain and Italy.


All the jobless people go through the same struggles…

When a person loses one’s job, the level of income falls sharply, entailing material losses and well-being risks. The lack of money affects both the material side of life and mental health. People lose their footing, give up on themselves and no longer realize which path they should take to fix the situation.

If there is no stable income, a person is forced to limit personal needs to the detriment of one’s own comfort. Constant financial troubles can break people’s confidence in the future.

The loss of work undermines normal routines, affecting the livelihood of people, since personal needs can only be met if you have available financial resources. In order to live prosperously, a stable income is a must!


What are the two tasks that you need to solve to save yourself from unemployment?

Two simple steps will help you achieve financial well-being and accumulate personal savings.

The first step to stability is the ability to preserve money. If a person wants to increase his capital, he must be able to preserve it.

The second step towards a stable financial position – accumulate what you have preserved. Only the correct sequence of actions leads you to success.

A lot of people want to change their lives for the better, but they don’t know the effective ways to achieve their goals. To attain stability and protect yourself from the financial risks associated with being out-of-work, you need to earn a steady income and be able to save what you have earned. This way is the only way to gain confidence in the future.


How to preserve and accumulate savings?

Global InterGold sets a global goal: to improve the quality of life of its clients.

We are confident that a clear algorithm of actions “preserve and accumulate” will help people achieve financial stability.

Many companies offer their clients either to preserve personal savings or accumulate them. The smart solutions of Global InterGold allow you to both preserve and accumulate your capital. 

The fundamental principle “PRESERVE AND ACCUMULATE” sets Global InterGold apart from other international companies, serving as a reliable protection of clients in the future.

Global InterGold will become your expert business partner helping you achieve success and prosperity.





Why does the principle of Global InterGold "PRESERVE AND ACCUMULATE"  work successfully?


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Published: 21.02.2019
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Teresita Garcia
Teresita Garcia
Global Intergold nos da la oportunidad de trabajar para lograr nuestra Seguridad Financiera, siendo clientes y hasta Socios Copropetarios para ganar con pasivos, activos y residuales. Soy cliente y Socia de está gran empresa que cumple con sus normas legales, sus clientes y Socios GIG. Muy agradecida con todo esto. Teresita de Jesús García V.
Feb 21
Alkassim  Danpullo
Alkassim Danpullo
This is great.
Feb 21
Кравцов Евгений
Кравцов Евгений
Очень хорошо, многое проясняется. Осталось только разобраться как тут заработать.
Feb 22
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