[VIDEO] Business people’s success stories from Grand Summer Voyage 2017
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[VIDEO] Business people’s success stories from Grand Summer Voyage 2017

Check out the most motivating reviews by successful GIG customers travelling across the Mediterranean!

The GRAND SUMMER VOYAGE is a prestigious journey along the Mediterranean resorts and an award for outstanding results granted for the development of the gold business.

The cruise ships 30 most active customers having won the Grand Summer Voyage competition. The goal of the contestants is to give the opportunity to earn with GIG to as many people as possible.

Only the best entrepreneurs get on board!

How was it at the Grand Summer Voyage 2017?

Clients from Russia, Mexico, Spain, Ukraine, Malaysia, Sweden, Mongolia, Great Britain and Nigeria took part in the cruise.

The travel program embraced all sorts of entertainment on one of the best ships of the planet, show programs, sports, parties and, of course, business trainings!

During the trip, the competition winners discovered the sights of Marseilles, Genoa, Naples, Messina, Valletta... For some clients it was the first trip to Europe which inspired them to discover a whole new world of possibilities!

Grand summer voyage reviews

What do the cruise winners tell about their business and journey?

During the cruise, the Global InterGold’s camera crew recorded a lot of reviews and participants’ success quotes.

Clients shared exclusive information: what they did before starting the business, how they looked for their place in the world, how they ran their traditional business, and why they were skeptical about new opportunities. The Grand Summer Voyage 2017 heroes disclosed what problems they encountered in life, what they dreamed of, and how they achieved success.

On the videos, customers describe what surprises the company makes for them. They tell how they have reached to high earnings and what allows them to enjoy life to the full. "We know how to work hard and rest well!" they say. Cruise heroes have become an example for hundreds of thousands of people


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Published: 18.10.2017
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