[Video] Global InterGold: From India to Russia
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[Video] Global InterGold: From India to Russia

The first meeting of Global InterGold clients in 2019 took place in Saint Petersburg.

Indian guests arrived in the city on the Neva. In the northern capital of Russia, the company's plans for the year and prospects of gold business were announced.

A successful dialogue was the key element of the event. Thanks to the cooperation with Global InterGold, our friends found new ways to communicate internationally, generate income and achieve the desired quality of life.

Indian clients and partners note that the ability to improve business relations is an essential quality that helps achieve great financial results.

Global InterGold clients have chosen their path, and what about you?


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Published: 08.02.2019
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Kravcov E.V.
Kravcov E.V.
Very interesting, thanx.
Feb 13
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