[VIDEO] Key moments of Gyorgy Fuzesi's online broadcast!
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[VIDEO] Key moments of Gyorgy Fuzesi's online broadcast!

The charismatic Director of Development for Global InterGold, Gyorgy Fuzesi, is a star at Global InterGold's conferences and he proved it during the live broadcast held at the administrative office.

The latest achievements, fantastic events,

the company’s results, and future plans!

Find everything in the videos!

The whole world could watch Mr. Fuzesi announcing the new options available for Global InterGold's customers intending to accelerate and simplify the generation of their income.

We have selected the 5 most relevant fragments of the broadcast to keep those who couldn't watch it up-to-date.

1) Global Convention 2016

The most exciting event of this autumn is coming! The Global Convention is a traditional event which this year will take place in Rome, Italy. The event will feature the first Global Gold Exhibition, where all the company's products and awards will be displayed. Find all the details in this video fragment.

What else does the Director of Development talk about? Watch and find out:

2) How was the Global Tour 2016 conference in Barcelona? Who will win 1 kg of gold?

Gyorgy Fuzesi shared his thoughts about the Global Tour 2016 conference in Barcelona, the Grand Summer Voyage 2016, and the 1kg Gold Contest held during the latter. The Grand Summer Voyage 2016 winners are competing for gold worth 38,000 EUR! These two fragments will show you more:

3) Sections and income in parts in all GoldSet orders 

The Director of Development announced the marketing program's new options which were confidential until the past event in Barcelona. Every client can use this newest update and accelerate their income:

Clients can now obtain rewards quickly and in parts in all GoldSet orders and be independent of other structures and sponsors in the GoldSet Global Pro order!

And yet, another significant event is approaching. The first Global InterGold's continental office is about to open in Mexico! The guest list for the inauguration ceremony will be made at the Global Convention 2016! Another strong reason to be in Rome on October 7th-8th

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Published: 23.09.2016
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