[VIDEO] Global InterGold conference in Malaysia
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[VIDEO] Global InterGold conference in Malaysia

The conference in Kuala Lumpur was the first one to be held in Asia. Time to refresh your memory about it!

Kuala Lumpur is one of the most progressive cities of South-Eastern Asia. This is a cool and unconventional city where skyscrapers and business centers rub shoulders with green natural parks.

It was Kuala Lumpur that became the first meeting spot in Asia for Global InterGold customers last February. Hundreds of clients from Malaysia, Spain, France, the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, Japan and other countries of the world arrived in the hall of the Swiss-Garden Hotel & Residence.

During the event, the guests were able to get acquainted the opportunities of the gold business and reveal its potential in the eastern region.

Do you know why entrepreneurs from all over the world attend GIG events? According to the results of the survey in Facebook, customers do it to:

• Learn more about the business;

• Share experiences with colleagues from other countries;

• Meet the company’s management;

• Make photos and videos for the promotion and development of the business;

• Get rewards and gold bars.

But the most popular answer is "All of the above".


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Published: 05.10.2017
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