Video report on the Global InterGold’s conference in the Philippines
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Video report on the Global InterGold’s conference in the Philippines

This event was very significant for the people of the Philippines and neighboring regions. It gathered everyone for whom gold business, high earnings and financial security are not an mere words.

How was it?

The event was attended by many distinguished guests, including the company's management and Global and Grand Leaders. Clients gladly took an active part in discussions and seminars about how to start a business and earn money with gold, got acquainted with the company's development plans for the next few years, and received well-deserved awards.

Special delight was caused by the information that the company received SEC registration in the framework of partnership with the local company VALUE GOLD & PRECIOUS METAL INC. This news has become yet another sound proof that the business with Global InterGold is a transparent and profitable entrepreneurial activity fully approved by law.

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Published: 14.09.2017
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