[Video Review] Global InterGold Conference in Colombia
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[Video Review] Global InterGold Conference in Colombia

The Global InterGold business conference in Colombia will always remain in the memory of its participants, as it was the beginning of the whole series of events: the Global Tour 2016.

The atmosphere was incredibly hospitable and really hot - they know how to spark in Latin America. And thanks to Global InterGold, they know how to make money with gold!

Having arrived at the premium-class Dann Carlton hotel, the participants eagerly awaited the opening ceremony. And it did not disappoint them, turning into a real golden triumph! Meanwhile, the attendees also added colors to the action: many of them were wearing garments with gold elements and shone literally.

The conference itself was full of bright moments and pleasant surprises. The speech of the Director for Development Gyorgy Fuzesi traditionally caused a storm of applause. No less ardently did the public welcome outstanding company’s leaders who talked about their achievements and shared effective techniques of business development.

Everyone could share their impressions of the company, gold and the event on the camera, and, believe us, there were plenty of them. And the most deserving and active clients were delighted with the bestowed awards and gifts!

After the official part, the guests of the event could enjoy music, dancing and the rain of golden confetti followed by informal communication with like-minded people over a glass of wine.


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Published: 26.09.2017
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Carlos Ramos 79GT
Carlos Ramos 79GT
q buena experriencia han compartido
Sep 29
Duban Castano 79gt
Duban Castano 79gt
me alegra ver a mi querido líder en la primera foto del video !!! vamos por kilos de oro!!!
Oct 03