Video review of the conference in France
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Video review of the conference in France

In mid-May, Paris turned from the City of Love into the City of Gold, and all thanks to Global InterGold!

Another Global Tour event, this time in France, became the anthem of Leadership Developmen.

Clients from Morocco, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, Russia, Japan, Tunisia, the Philippines, Italy and other countries gathered in the modern business center of Center D'Affaire et Entreprises de Paris.

All of them were driven by one goal: to learn more about the gold business and earning opportunities with the yellow metal. The conference was opened by the solemn speech of the Director of Development who shared the stage with famous Grand and Global Leaders, outstanding entrepreneurs.

For two days, they conducted trainings, talked about secret business methods and revealed success stories. Basically, they did everything, so that the most effective tools and techniques were at the hands of other customers.

And of course, this even couldn’t do without a traditional award ceremony and a festive dinner in an informal atmosphere.

Why don’t you dive into this golden event?


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Published: 04.10.2017
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