Video review of the Global InterGold event in South Korea
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Video review of the Global InterGold event in South Korea

Let's remember how the Global Tour 2016 conference held in Busan, South Korea was!

It was the event in South Korea to become the final chord of the Global Tour series which brought together conferences in Latin America, Europe and Asia.

On March 26th, the conference participants met at the Hotel Commodore to get acquainted with new business techniques, get to know colleagues from near and far abroad, and learn the latest news about the company and business.

In addition to the company's management, well-known Global Leaders took part in the conference and rocked the stage by conducting trainings and sharing success stories.

This event was especially colorful also due to many guests wearing traditional garments as a sign of respect for South Korean culture.

Of course, this were not the only impressions of the guests: there was also an unofficial part and a big walk around the local beauties.


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Published: 04.10.2017
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