[VIDEO] Shall we recall the Global InterGold conference in Japan?
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[VIDEO] Shall we recall the Global InterGold conference in Japan?

Successful entrepreneurs from 9 countries gathered in Tokyo and turned it into the center of the gold business for two days!

In the framework of the Global Tour 2016, Japan was visited by representatives of Mexico, China, Peru, Brazil, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, Russia, and the Philippines. On March 19 and 20, the guests celebrated financial victories and achievements at the Mielparque and New Otani Tokyo. For the country, it was the largest Global InterGold’s event where the company's officials arrived.

For the first time, the GIG management announced the production of its own gold bars and the release of new prizes for the customers of the Online Gold Shop. The guests welcomed the news with a storm of applause. This conference was the beginning of a rapid growth of the gold business in Asia.

In the interviews, attendees noted that the gold business is an opportunity for them to freely decide when, where and who to work with. This is a chance to develop, travel, and earn even while being on vacation.

The footage from the Japanese conference has become one of the most beloved video reports from the company's events.


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Published: 05.10.2017
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Roxanne Marie Miyazaki
Roxanne Marie Miyazaki
oh i love this moment and the feeling everyone was there and very HAPPY
Oct 09