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Watch the live broadcast from the Global Convention 2016 at 11:45 CEST!

Tomorrow, October 7th, the Global Convention & Gold Exhibition 2016 will take place at the Ergife Palace Hotel in Rome. Hundreds of attendees from more than 30 countries have registered for it!

The most important business conference of the autumn will be attended by clients, leaders, and the company's management. As for those who will not be able to attend it, they will have the chance to follow the event online.

We will keep you updated with information and photos of the place, but you will be also able to watch the grand opening of the Global Convention & Gold Exhibition 2016 from the comfort of your home!

We have gathered the live broadcast's starting time of different countries:

Italy (CEST) — 11:45 am

Mexico – 4:45 am

Russia, Moscow – 12:45 pm

Tokyo – 18:45 pm

Thailand – 16:45 pm

The Philippines – 17:45 pm


Some parts of the live broadcast will be also recorded and posted after the event!

Follow the updates on Global InterGold's official Facebook page!

Publication date: 2016-10-06 15:03