[WE KNOW THE WINNERS] Grand Summer Voyage 2017 Competition
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[WE KNOW THE WINNERS] Grand Summer Voyage 2017 Competition
Global InterGold

We have published the list with the names of the Grand Summer Voyage 2017 competition winners. Congratulations, dear gold businesspeople!

The Grand Summer Voyage competition is one of Global InterGold's most acclaimed initiatives in which both newcomers and experienced clients participate to expand their structures and win a ticket to a luxurious cruise trip at the company's expense.

30 lucky winners...

- 10 from Europe and Africa

- 10 from Asia and Australia

- 10 from South and North America

...will embark on a marvelous trip across the Mediterranean Sea!

7 days on board a luxury cruise ship

In August, the best of our clients will sail the seas on board the “MSC Meraviglia”, a luxury cruise liner with endless entertainment.

Apart from the trip, the company’s management has prepared something very special! For the second consecutive year, the Grand Summer Voyage 2017 winners will have the chance to win about 38,000 EUR in gold by participating in our 1KG of Gold Contest!

Who has won the Grand Summer Voyage 2017 Competition?

 Click HERE and find it out! 

And remember: if you have participated, you have already won.

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Published: 24.05.2017
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