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Welcome to the Global InterGold representative office in Zurich!

It is our pleasure to announce that the Global InterGold representative office in Zurich has opened its doors to the public.

Know the options offered by the representative office and how to make an appointment.

We invite you to visit the Global InterGold representative office in Zurich, Switzerland. The office is located in an emblematic building in the city center named Weisse Schloss, or in English, The White Castle.

This office represents a breakthrough in relations and communication between the Online Gold Shop and its clients.

The office fulfils a representative function and serves clients worldwide. Clients can make appointments to reserve the conference room for meetings, receive their orders in person, and visit the facilities.

The visit to the office premises includes the marketing and media studio, the conference room, the President's office, the Administrator's office and the Show Room for exhibition of products and exclusive awards.

You can make an appointment following the regulation of visit norms and send your request through your personal back office to Customer Support.


Publication date: 2015-10-05 14:38