What advantages of Global InterGold's product make your income increase?
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What advantages of Global InterGold's product make your income increase?

The world changes rapidly, but what is truly valuable does not change at all. Like gold.

The Global InterGold Online Gold Shop offers very special conditions for the purchase and sale of this precious metal thanks to which it is available for just about everyone.

What are the 5 main advantages of gold?


Global InterGold's gold bars are easily within the reach of any person from anywhere in the world. Moreover, by buying gold under the terms of our GoldSet bonus program, clients only pay 5-15% of the total price of their gold bars.

All you need is to register here and follow a few simple steps.


Everyone knows what gold is, but not many people know this metal's capacity to generate income.

Thanks to Global InterGold, this possibility is becoming known worldwide. More than two million people are seizing the economic benefits that gold brings.

Nothing guarantees financial stability better than physical gold”

Ostap Pechenyi, Global InterGold's client

A real money saver

Economic and political crises are not rivals to gold. Gold protects the value of money and it can be easily exchanged for money in any country. And given the fact that gold prices are rising, it will not only protect your money, also multiply it.

The quality of our gold bars

The company offers investment gold bars of the highest purity (999,9) carefully packaged and produced by LBMA-certified manufacturers.

You already know the 5th advantage!

Global InterGold's unique opportunity to buy gold and improve your standard of living by running a highly profitable gold business.

Global InterGold has given me what I have always dreamed of: the freedom to manage my time and economic independence.”

Lucero Blasquez, Global InterGold's client

What are you waiting for? If you are not a Global InterGold's client yet, step into action right now!

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Published: 12.01.2017
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