What are our leaders enjoying in the Grand Winter Voyage 2017?
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What are our leaders enjoying in the Grand Winter Voyage 2017?
Global InterGold

Beginning of the Grand Winter Voyage 2017

Excited about the upcoming journey, leaders from Mexico, Italy, Spain, Russia, Japan, Lithuania, Uruguay, Peru, Ukraine, Colombia, the Philippines, and Malaysia arrived in Singapore on February 3rd. After a walk around town accompanied by the company’s professional camera crew, they embarked on the “Mariner of the Seas” cruise ship.

A Toast to Leadership Success

Dressed in their finest clothes, the Grand Winter Voyage 2017 Competition's winners gathered to celebrate their victory and collect exclusive personalized diplomas. They applauded the objectives accomplished by them and the company and expressed their sincerest gratitude to the management.

Golden Year in Asia

On the second day, the ship arrived in the port of call of Penang, Malaysia.

The winners enjoyed a stroll along the ship during which they recorded interviews. Afterwards, there was a formal gala dinner in which the company's management gave important speeches to the leaders.

They are all convinced that the Grand Winter Voyage 2017 is very important for the business development and the relationship between customers and the company, particularly in 2017, when Asia is in the timelight. Everyone working there now is making a great contribution to their future.

Making the most of their time: Team Growth

The next stop of the cruise was the Malaysian city of Langkawi, where our travelers made the Island Hopping tour. It was a wonderful oasis of peace: emerald waters, clean shores, steep cliffs, crystal clear lakes...

Even while relaxing, swimming, and sunbathing, clients managed to meet people and exchange contacts for future business meetings. That is working with passion, commitment and dedication!

Pursuing goals with Global InterGold

Both in their interviews and speeches, leaders always thank the company for helping them to move forward and for keeping its promises. With this strong support, all they have to do is to focus on achieving success!

Would you like to live this once-in-a-lifetime experience too? Next summer, the winners of the Grand Summer Voyage Competition will set sail for a Mediterranean journey!


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Published: 08.02.2017
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