What are the codes and why do we need them?

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Have you ever wondered why in certain circumstances you do things your way and not the other way around? What guides you in life?

Personal success or failure depends on flexibility, level of skill and the extent to which you create your own map of the inner world – a code of conduct.

How did the first codes emerged in the world, and what codes does Global InterGold have?


The history of codes

The word "CODE" (from Latin codex) means "the stem of a tree" or "a board of wood" – the material of the first manuscripts.

1. The code was comprised of stapled sheets of parchment or papyrus, similar to a book, and framed with wooden tablets.

2. The code is a set of laws containing norms in various areas.

The first professional code of ethics was the Hippocratic Oath – nine core moral and ethical principles of a physician’s behavior.

In the XI-XII centuries, so-called professional codes of artisans became widespread. Such statutes helped to increase the level of workers’ responsibility, abide by certain rules and take care of the quality of goods.

It is written down in the statute of French silk weavers: each weaver can train one student for at least four years, and the entire cloth must be of the finest quality.

According to the statute, Swedish shoemakers in Stockholm were subject to fines for leaving holes in boots and stealing work tools. However, offering help to colleagues and doing charity work were highly regarded.

The very first codes of corporate rules were applied in America at the beginning of the 20th century.

The purpose of ethical codes – the establishment of regulations outlining operational procedures for the company employees.

Principles of ethical codes for representatives of various professions are universally adopted and observed by lawyers, psychologists, teachers and journalists.

Such documents are created to elevate the prestige of a particular profession in society and enforce the norms of behavior among the participants of a certain professional group.


Legal codes of various states

Law codes constitute a country’s legal framework, outlining certain rules in various industries.

For example, there are 23 codes of law in the Russian Federation.

In addition to Criminal, Tax, Civil and Labor Law Codes, there are Codes of Federal Regulations: Family, Housing, Forest, Air, Water Codes. Merchant Shipping, Town-Planning, Budget and Land Codes of Russia were also drawn up.

In Italy, the Civil Code consists of six books on Family Law, Inheritance Law, Property, Liability Law (including bonds, contracts, mortgages), Commerce and Labor Law. Apart from the Civil Law, there are 22 codes: Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure, Navigation and other Codes.

The codes imply the need for laws and recommendatory provisions in different states.


Global InterGold Codes

Our company is the largest international organization where two million clients, partners and shareholders from all over the world successfully cooperate as one team.

In order to improve the quality of communication and help people achieve their goals more effectively, we launched two codes, namely the Aristippus’ Code and the Leader’s Code.

The Aristippus’ Code – rules that are vital for every person of the modern world, facilitating the achievement of success and the strive for prosperity.

This code is a set of 24 guidelines of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristippus, whose wisdom helps even the most ordinary person improve oneself, live honestly, respect others, fulfill promises and enhance the quality of life.

The guidelines of Aristippus help people understand their environment better. The code focuses on eternal values, such as help, cooperation, care and respect.

Each guideline is a manual for greater stability in life.

We believe that the Aristippus’ Code is the national asset!


Summarizing the vast experience and knowledge, we developed the Leader’s Code – one of the most important documents of the company. The Leader’s success and reputation depends on the ability to make the right decisions.

The code consists of 24 rules that will help you make the right decisions at all stages of working with the clients.

The Leader’s Code is an indispensable assistant for those who want to get the Leader’s status and achieve high results in the Leadership program.

Now you can check out the Leader’s Code on our official website.


Many years of our experience prove that anyone who exhibits ethical behavior and does the right thing can give the clients a sense of trust and confidence in the company's reliability.

The code is one of the way a person declares its strive for high moral standards.


Details about the Global InterGold Codes are coming soon.


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Created: 22.01.2019
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