What do clients in Thailand think about business with Global InterGold?
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What do clients in Thailand think about business with Global InterGold?

Watch customer reviews from Thailand we have gathered at the conference in the city of Korat.

Why the gold business in Thailand is a great idea

Every year, Thailand enjoys even greater success among entrepreneurs and investors. Apart from giving way to India and China location wise, this is a country with a huge business potential.

People of Thailand are friendly and tolerant, which is a huge benefit for international business. The Thai are neat and full of optimism, and, more importantly, they like gold.

The peculiarity of Thai gold products is that they are not used to mixing gold with copper, silver and other metals. Therefore, one can see only high-grade jewelry of distinguished bright yellow color in traditional jewelry stores.

All this is a solid foundation for the development of the gold business.

Global InterGold clients in Thailand reviews

Global InterGold’s conference in the city of Korat, Thailand

In January, one of the most progressive conferences devoted to the GIG business opportunities was held. Business people from Malaysia, the Philippines, Norway and Sweden arrived in Thailand to share their business experience, celebrate achievements and discuss the prospects of the region.

The event had two highlights:

  • Speech by Metta Theerakhanon who became the first GIG client from Thailand.

  • Address by Gyorgy Fuzesi, the Director of Development, and the Awarding Ceremony.

During the conference, clients told us what they thought about the business and the event.


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Published: 18.10.2017
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