What do Colombians actually think about Global InterGold?
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What do Colombians actually think about Global InterGold?
Global InterGold

Global InterGold's gold business is spreading across Colombia, as more and more people choose to build a future for themselves by earning with gold.

But, what do they really think about the company? Find out!

Why do Colombians choose Global InterGold?

  • Because the marketing program allows clients to build a profitable business based on the recommendation of gold.

"The marketing program allows us to improve our relationships, our economy, as well as to travel and open our mind to new opportunities in the world."

Anderson Banquet

  • Because you can give a better future for your family: go on holidays wherever you wish, spend more time with them, provide your children with the best education, etc.

We have seen a great business opportunity which can also be a lifestyle, and allow us to build up a sustainable future for families, for people, for human beings, for mothers...”

Jose Laguado

  • Because anybody can run the gold business and fulfill their life dreams.

"We are happy to be in Colombia with people who, like us and probably you, see in this business the solution to their needs, those questions, and those dreams that you always dreamed of fulfilling."

Mara Liz Galvis

  • Because the company has wide experience in the international market.

"We have been for 3 years in this wonderful company receiving benefits, results, and best of all, traveling the world."

Enrique Brito

  • Because you can count on the support of hundreds of Colombian clients to help you run the business successfully.

I invite you not to miss this opportunity. We are finally here in Colombia and there are more and more of us.”

Sandra Ospino

  • Because this is the right moment:

"We are ready for everything, Latin America is ready. We have our own office to support all Latin America. That's extraordinary. So, now we have the best opportunity because we have a close relationship with the company. Why? We are making history and what is coming is even greater."

Carmen Rosa Ramírez

What are you waiting for? Give your family the life they deserve!

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Published: 28.03.2017
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