What do conference participants in France say about Global InterGold?
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What do conference participants in France say about Global InterGold?

The conference in Paris was one of the most exciting events of the Global Tour. Learn its attendees’ opinion!

During a sunny May weekend, the Global Tour made a stop in the country of sophistication and delicate taste, namely in France. This was an excellent occasion for gold businessmen to come together and discuss achievements, plans and successes.

Global tour conference in France

The conference was held at the Center D'Affaire et Entreprises de Paris and united clients from Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. The course of events could be watched by viewers online to the live broadcast on Facebook.

And it was really worth watching! The speech of the Director of Development Gyorgy Fuzesi dedicated to the company's technological breakthrough and motivation to move to new heights inspired many. This effect was enhanced by the speeches of well-known leaders who shared their experience and secrets of success.

On the second day of the event, emotions run even higher because it became the crowning moment for many: company’s leaders were invited to the stage to receive awards and welcome the audience with salutatory words.

Everyone who wanted to share their impressions, feelings and gratitude could record an interview with the Global InteGold’s camera crew. And this opportunity was grasped by many of those who believe in the potential of the gold business and know that there are new pinnacles, financial independence and prosperity ahead!


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Published: 13.10.2017
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